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Building Family Fun Event

By Polk County 04/22/14

Looking for something to spice up your weekend? Drop by our Building Family Fun event from 10am to noon on Saturday, May 31st at Western Oregon University's Werner Center. Participate in all kinds of activities with your child, and take home resources to continue the activities at home. This activities are geared towards children ages 0-6, but all members of the family are welcome! There will be FREE snacks will be provided. See this event flyer for more information, or contact Ashley @ 503-623-9664 x 2125. We look forward to seeing you there!

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What Others are Saying

I liked it a lot, hearing from other moms is good.
It really made me step back and examine a lot of different things in my own parenting.
I liked hearing the different views of other parents.
The parent educators did not tell us what to do and helped us with skills to make our own decisions
I like everything about the class it was fun and very helpful.
I liked the support and adult time. Also, I have been held more accountable for my own actions and it has made her (2 year old daughter) become more patient with me as I am more patient with her.
I deal with stress in different manners now.
I liked everything; from acting out role plays to talking with others. It impacted my daughter a lot, now she is playing and learning a lot.
It was a good and fun experience.